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Pricelist   file size
Current Pricelist as PDF                pricelist 2020 with effect from 01.01.2020 943 KB
Current Pricelist as Excel-File 64 KB
Built-in switch for glass ceramic hotplates  45 KB
Built-in glass ceramic hotplate 11 - 44 EB-C 240 KB
Built-in glass ceramic hotplat e 11 44 EB-R 62 KB
Built-in temperature controller, for precision hotplate 54 KB
Table-top temperature controller, for precision hotplate 54 KB
Precision hotplate, as table or built-in units 50 KB
Hotplates HT 01 - HT 33, measurements 125 KB
Data Sheets
Ceran-hotplates 738 KB
High power hotplate 62 KB
Hotplates and Sandbaths 157 KB
Series hotplates 128 KB
Rapid incinerator 151 KB
Heating equipment 145 KB
Multi purpose heating equipment up to 600°C 529 KB
Precision hotplate, 300°C 220 KB
Precision hotplate, 450°C 572 KB
Titanium hotplate 664 KB

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