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rapid incinerator rapid incinerator
with digital display with digital display


can also reduce fluid substances to ashes

Rapid incinerator SVRE
The operating temperature of 950°C is attained within the space of a few minutes. The upper level, with 8 recesses each with a diameter of 34 mm, can take porcelain crucibles of up to 50 mm diameter for drying, pre-heating and fuming-off. Can also reduce fluid substances to ashes. The uninhibited exposure to oxygen speeds up the incineration process. The tilted position of the crucibles in the lower incineration bed (which has a length of 400 mm) allows excellent observation and access to the contents during the operation. Modern design, easy to operate, reliable, space-saving and of very good value.         cross section drawing 
The upper part and the housing are made of high-grade, stainless steel. There is a built-in 120 minute time-switch fitted with a buzzer signal to indicate when the desired time has been reached, the switch is permanently in the ON position.
The appliances have a safety switch which ensures that the power supply is automatically cut off when the service panel is opened. . All appliances are delivered ready-to-install with a 1,5 m cable and Schuko plug.
Type SVR/E with electronic temperature control  (performance controller)
Type SV II, as above but without temperature control
complete, ready-to-install, heating element suitable for both models and all construction dates. (Order No. EH 400)
Order No. SVR/E SV II
Power 2500 W
Voltage 230 V
External Dimensions 450 x 310 x 180 mm
Weight 7 kg 6 kg
Other available models:
rapid incinerator with digital display

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