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Multipurpose Heating Baths

as air-, fluid- or sandbath

Multipurpose Heating Baths MU85

Can be universally employed as either an air, fluid or sandbath for heating many of the various receptactles in laboratory use, regardless of size or material, for temperatures ranging between 60...600°C.
Construction: The bath container is made of high-grade stainless steel with a stainless steel tubular heating element. The upper outer coat is enamelled and the base is made of either plastic or stainless steel.

Regulation of Type MU 85  
The MU 85 can be variably regulated with a performance control between 10 - 100%.

Regulation of Types MU 85/ER and MS 26/E    
As above but with additional built-in electronic relay switches and an optional output bushing for a contact thermometer.  When in operation the contact thermometer has automatic priority. Without a contact thermometer Types MU 85/ER and MS 26/E work in exactly the same way as Type MU85 - with a variable control.

Order No.   MU 85 MU 85/ER MS 26/E
Power Watt 800 1200
Volume Liter 2 5
Working space Ø x height mm 190 x 105 270 x 115
External dimensions mm 225 Ø 310 x 310
Height mm 280 285
Weight kg 2,2 6,4
Voltage Volt 230 Volt, 50..60 Hz
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