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Built-in hotplate 11EB

CERAN® - an extraordinary glass ceramic - extremely resistant to breakage and changes of temperature, will not distort, permeable to ultra-violet light and also highly acid-resistant.

Construction: the low-mass CERAN® plate is electrically heated over its full surface, and is embedded into a high-grade, stainless steel frame which is mounted on an internally insulated stainless steel housing.

The temperature control is regulated by an electronic NiCr-Ni temperature sensor (regulating range between 50 and 500°C). The controller is built into a pressure-cast aluminium casing. The heating time for 500°C is approximately 8 minutes. In the EB Series the electrical connection between the controller and the hotplate is protected by a flexible metal hose.

 Series EB - as build-in table-top element
Type Watt Volt B x H xT (mm) CERAN® mm Weight
11 EB 2000 230 V AC 290 x 100 x 290 280 x 280 5,5 kg
22 EB 3000 230 V AC 290 x 100 x 440 280 x 430 6,5 kg
33 EB 4400 3x400 V, N+PE 440 x 100 x 440 430 x 430 9,0 kg
44 EB 5700 3x400 V, N+PE 590 x 100 x 440 580 x 430 11,5 kg
Cable length between controller and hot plate - 0,65 m. Longer connections at additional cost.
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