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precision hotplate precision hotplate
with separate regulator with separate regulator
precision hotplate 450°C precision hotplate 450°C
safety hotplate safety hotplate
Titan high temperature Titan high temperature


for operation up to 600°C

High temperature hotplate PZ28-3TD with separate regulator
                                     PZ 28-3TD                                 TR 28-3T

High-performance hotplate for temperatures up to 600°C with a very short heating-up time (600°C within 20 minutes). The extremely efficient insulation allows the appliance to also be used on working surfaces which are not heat-resistant.  The insulated hinged lid has been designed to keep heat loss to the absolute minimum.

The temperature can either be controlled with a temperature or programme controller. With the temperature controller the hotplate's complete heating surface is held at a constant selected temperature.

The programme controller allows so-called temperature profiles to be worked with, i.e. selected heating-up, cooling off and stop phases (maximum of 5 stages) can be programmed, whereby each phase can last up to 5 hours 59 minutes.

Techn. Data / Order No. = Type     Hotplate
with lid
PZ 28-3TD
without lid
PZ 28-3T
Titan Hotplate dimensions mm x mm 280 x 200
Constant heating surface mm x mm 230 x 160
Maximum temperature °C 600
Voltage Volt / Hz 220..240 / 50-60
Power Watt 2000
Temperature distribution K ± 2
Cable length (standard) m 1,5
Outer dimensions mm x mm 350 x 300
Height withou lid mm 110
Height with lid mm 145
Working space with closed lid mm 26 *
Weight without lid kg 8
Lid weight kg 2
* a higher lid is available upon request
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