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Precision Hotplate PZ44 
Technical data/types PZ 44/230 PZ 44/400
Plate size mm 290 x 440
Range of temperature °C 20-450
Constant temperature ±K 0,5
Power Watt 3300
Voltage Volt 220..240 2x400, N+PE
Overall dimensions mm 310 x 475
Height mm 205
Weight kg 26
PZ 44 is a hot plate with automatic control for precise temperatures from 20 to 450°C. The required temperature is preset on the digital controller and remains automatically constant. The actual temperature is continuously displayed with 13 mm high numbers.

The long-lasting electrical heating unit can be used in three heating stages - 825 - 1650 - 3300 Watt. Each stage can be finely tuned from 10 to 100% by an electronic output control to prevent overheating and any afterheating due to excessive power. The heating stages 825 and 3300 Watt, heat the total area of the plate. The special 1650 Watt stage heats only the righthand section of the plate. Due to creeping heat, the temperature drops off from the right-hand section to the left-hand plate edge, by approx. 40% (temperature decline)

The hot plate is constructed of solid, low-distortion GG 15 casting. Cold housing, also in continuous operation. Material No. 1.4301, from rustproof high grade steel. Centre section is additionally sprayed in orange. Four adjustable feet for extra stability. Sturdy construction, 150 kg max. hot plate load. Ready for connection with 1.5 m cable.

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